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The captain has turned on the "smoke 'em if you've got 'em sign" once again.

Smokers, are you searching for the perfect holiday?
A self catering vacation rental that you can actually smoke in?
You're search ends here.
Vacation listings on this site are for smokers only. If you are a non-smoker please leave now, there's nothing available to you here.

Bahamas vacation rentals
Bahamas smokers only vacation rentals

Andorra holiday apartments
Smokers only holiday rentals in Andorra

Only listings in 2 countries for now. Owners, add your listing free!!

Attention holiday home owners.
Did you know? 25% of adults in the USA smoke cigarettes, that's over 60 million adults....
In the UK 25% (15 million) of the adult population smoke cigarettes....
There are 1.5 billion adults who smoke cigarettes worldwide. (Stats courtesy of
The latest trend in the hospitality industry is to offer guests non-smoking rooms and rentals only.
Smoking bans around the world have left smokers with nowhere to spend their vacation time.
Increase your bookings and revenue by making them welcome once again, by listing your vacation unit here.
Here at Smokers Only you can list your vacation rental for free, that's right, nothing.
Provided you make it available to smokers by allowing unrestricted smoking throughout the unit, you are free to list here.
If you own a vacation rental, anywhere in the world, get it listed here, for free.

Click here to list your rental home.

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